About PopClip on macOS Monterey

MacOS 12 Monterey is due to be released tomorrow (Monday 25th October) so here is a quick update on how PopClip fits in.

  1. PopClip itself is fully compatible with Monterey and doesn’t have any specific issues (that I know of). As long as you have the latest version, PopClip 2022.5, it should work fine. There are often glitches on the first boot after installing a new OS. If you have any trouble with PopClip after installing Monterey, please first try rebooting the Mac one more time.

  2. However you will need to download updates to some PopClip extensions, and some extensions do not yet work on Monterey.

DONE: I have recently updated the following extensions for Monterey. Download and install the latest versions, linked:

Nick’s note: For best experience, update these before you update the OS to Monterey. But If you’re reading this after upgrading, hi and I’m sorry for the inconvenience :pray:

TO-DO: The following extensions currently do not work and need updating:
I am working on updating them but it will take some time to do them all. (I’ll keep the lists in this post updated as I work through them. Feel free to use the poll and comments below to influence for which of the “to do” list I should work on first)
:grin: All done now.

All the other extensions on the extensions page should carry on working as before, but please let me know if you run into any trouble.

If you are interested in the technical details of why the extensions stopped working, there is more on my blog post.

Poll - which to update next?

  • Bitly
  • Calculate
  • Convert
  • Droplr
  • OneNote
  • Readwise
  • RemoveSpaces
  • Reverse
  • ShortenLink
  • Shuffle
  • Slack
  • Sort
  • TaskPaper
  • TimeStamp
  • Todoist
  • UnixTime

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Thank you Nick, I really appreciate PopClip, it’s fantastic :wink:


Thanks for grinding through all these. I wish I could help but my coding skills peaked learning Pascal in college. I don’t know if you’re taking priority requests but I thought I’d throw in mine just in case: I use bit.ly and Todoist all the time. And, if I had to settle for one, it’d be bit.ly. Now that I upgraded to Monterey without checking this, I’m going to miss it terribly.


Cheers @zampemo, and @wassie - I am happy to take requests. You’ll be pleased to know that I am working on the bitly one right now. In fact it is basically done, but it needs the next version of PopClip to run, which I am also putting the finising touches to. If all goes well, you should not have to wait long.
Edit: I’ve added a poll above so people can vote on the extension to do next - I added your votes for todoist and bitly already.


It’s a full bingo for me :wink:
The only custom one in this list is RemovePeriods, which was a user submitted extension (in your Github PR). I guess it’s based on RemoveSpaces, so maybe while you’re at it :pray: ?

PS I seem to also be missing UnshortenLink, the opposite version of ShortenLink which is in your list.

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That’s quite a few battleships sunk! Ah yes, I’ve restricted my focus to ones on my “official” extension page for now but I’ll draw up a list of other ones to look at too.

It’s actually feeling really nice to boot out my old clumsy PHP scripts, and put together some nice clean JavaScript versions. Once I get this PopClip update out I’m working on, which hopefully finalises the JS extension system, the dam wall should to break and the extensions should flow.


Thanks so much. Can’t wait. PopClip is one of my favorite and most used apps. By the way, I’ve started using Hook and found it pretty useful. Any thought to developing a PopClip Hook extension?


I’ve been hearing a lot about Hook lately. I really need to try it it properly and figure out what it does! I’m sure if a PopClip extension makes sense I can come up with something.


Alfred extension also does not work. Please add it to the list.


Thanks for reporting that. Fixed — Alfred moved to DONE list.


Thanks for fixing it quickly.

Sort extension might also be problematic. Those were the two I got alerted when I updated to Monterey.

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Thanks for the prompt fixes. I (used to) use the Convert extension frequently in my writing – once I figured out how it worked. :slightly_smiling_face: I am eager for its return.

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:white_check_mark: Bitly moved to DONE list (more info)

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:white_check_mark: Sort moved to DONE list (more info)

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:white_check_mark: Convert moved to DONE list (more info )

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Fingers crossed that Readwise will be done soon …


Hi, I just came here today (I just installed Monterey), and development has started. Great, and next on the list is Calculate: great & thanks Nicks for this work! :+1:

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