Automatically execute after selecting text?

in this way,
Select a wordand the translation can be displayed.

There is no need to click the extensions button.Very efficient

Similar to the expansion of Calculate

thank you!

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This would be very cool and useful I think. But there is a roadblock here of privacy concerns. Because, to instantly translate everything it would need to send all text you select to the translation service. And sending everyting you select to an external website does not seem a good idea and I’ve specifically built PopClip never to allow that to happen. It always requires a positive action selection before doing anything than can access the internet.

Thank you for your reply!

Privacy is a very important thing.

I think it is worth trying if it is valuable, especially if it is operated at high frequency.

As for privacy issues, such as passwords or more than 2 words are not to be translated ?
Or provide this ability, and let users choose by themselves.

Of course, all the premise is that privacy is protected.

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In fact, this will bring the missing Google translate popup to safari, and not only safari, everywhere on Mac.

I highly support this request, and for the privacy issue, maybe a BIG disclaimer when downloading this extension will make everything fine.

Thanks for the amazing PopClip