Can NOT Grant Permission to PopClick to Automate Chrome

I can’t grant PopClip access to control Google Chrome, specifically, the Subject field of a Gmail draft. I get this alert, but it is not dismissed by clicking either button:

Here’s what I see in  → System Preferences → Security & Privacy → Privacy → Automation:

(See comment since New Users are allowed to post only one image.”)

Note that request for permission was recorded in Privacy but checkbox is empty.

When I click the empty checkbox, I can then click the “OK” button in the dialog box and it is dismissed.

After manually clicking on checkbox, Title Text works correctly.

PopClip 2022.5 (pcas/1003895/2/2022.5/2022-06-04/en/en-US) , macOS Monterey 12.4

Steps to reproduce

  1. Create new email in Gmail.
  2. Type text in Subject field
  3. Select Subject Text and click on Title Case (“T”) in PopClip
  4. Request for permission dialog is displayed
  5. Clicking on either “OK” or dismiss “Don’t Allow” has no effect. Can NOT dismiss dialog without logging user out of macOS.

Expected result

Should be able to grant permission by clicking on “Ok” and dialog should be dismissed.

Actual result

See above.



Thanka for the report :+1: Have noted to investigate.

Not only that, such an alert will also be received when using a third-party plug-in, and this alarm cannot operate, which may also freeze the alarm window.

I have been unable to reproduce this on my own system.

Is it still happening for you?