Extension for Audible does not include Audible.ca

Can the extension be amended to include Audible Canada (https://www.audible.ca) as a selection

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That’s done! You’ll need to redownload from Audible — PopClip Extensions

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Hello Nick - Thanks for your speedy attention. However, could not make it work. I am on Mac OS 12.2. I deleted the original extension and reinstalled it from the link you provided. The drop-down list still did not include audible.ca. I don’t know anything about the coding you use - However, I did notice from viewing your code that you did include “audible.ca” in your array along with the others ?? I also reinstalled it from the “PopClip Extensions” with the same result. I appreciate your efforts and thanks.

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I’m sorry, I did not update it properly on the website. Try again now, it ought to work.

It worked - Thanks a million

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