InstantTranslate is stopped working after updates

After updates to the last macOS popclip extension - InstantTranslate stopped working.
I cannot find a new version on popclip extension pages, but google helps me — PopClip Extensions
Looks like there is no available version.
When I try to install the downloaded version, I have the next error

Cannot Install Extension
No such executable file: /usr/bin/python
Extension: InstantTranslate.popclipext

popclip - 2021.11.1 (3788)
macos 12.3.1 (21E258)

There is no info about this extension on this forum and this post about-popclip-on-macos-monterey/65

InstantTranslate is one of my most used extensions for popclip. Would be great if it started working again.
PS as I understand the problem is relevant to this PR Instant Translate python3 update by harrtho · Pull Request #1186 · pilotmoon/PopClip-Extensions · GitHub

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All sorted now — I’ve update the extension with the pull request you mentioned. You’ll just need to redownload from: — PopClip Extensions

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thanks a lot. It is working

Great! Just to let you know I’ve updated it again with a brand new JavaScript version. It’s faster and more reliable than the python version. You’ll need to redownload again.