Suggestion: Add default future date/time for Reminders

The reminders app integrations with macOS is great. However i am missing the option to put in a time / date when selecting text and creating a reminder.

If that will add complexity to popclip workflow, atleast setting up a default date / time (say few hours in the future) when creating a reminder would ensure a notification pops up for me to reset the time/due date. At present, the reminder gets created with no date / time - and there will be NO notification on macOS / iPhone, unless one remembers to go inside the reminders app and search for that reminder on the list, negating the need for a reminder

thanks for listening

Hope this helps

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Thanks for the suggestion and welcome to the forum @rochakagrawal - sorry I seem to have missed this post originally. It makes a lot of sense! I’ve added it to the big ideas list.