A custom OpenAI extension

Welcome to the forum @paul! Thanks for sharing this; great work. This is a brilliant showcase of how to put OpenAI/GPT to work for specific tasks. I always get a kick from seeing how people have put extensions together to solve a task. Interesting that you made it using go.

this looks great! can anyone verify the code is safe as on mac it’s not letting you run due to ‘unknown developer’ and concern for malware. thank you

You are right to be cautious, as the extension contains a pre-compiled binary. It does also contain Go source code (ostensibly) for those binaries. The safest way would be to inspect the source and recompile the go binaries yourself, but that isn’t practical for everyone.

If ever in doubt, I would err on the side of caution caution and not install it.

I’m considering having a policy of “no precompiled binaries” for extensions shared here on the forum for this reason. This is not to imply that there is anything wrong with this extension, but I think it will be a good general security practice.

thank you for your reply @nick :pray: i think that would be a good idea, even though i love the idea that given that it’s a good actor / developer then the added functionalities are certainly welcome.

@paul are you the creator of this by any chance? could you provide more info?

thank you

This extension calls Apple’s osascript and is written in Go. If you know Go, you can inspect and compile the source code yourself, which is a safer option.