Add unicode text like

I use a lot to use bold text (unicode characters really) on Facebook, for example when you cannot use bold text.

Adding this would actually be a huge time saver for me and would purchase only for this feature.


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Welcome @David_Chavez and thanks for the suggestion. Very interesting!

I am rather new to popclip. Is there an existing extension that I can base myself to attempt to create it? Maybe a search/replace thing might work? Thanks a lot!

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Take a look at the Alternating Case extension maybe. Example of an extension that transforms the text in unusual way :slight_smile:

Hello @nick. I wanted to know if you could please help me.

I could finally make this work on Keyboard maestro and I am trying to do an extension out of it in Popclip, but unfortunately I’m stuck.

I’ve taken your example of AlternatingCase but can’t make it work. Below is the .popclipext file. Can you please help me check what is going on? Thanks a lot! :pray:

You can delete the .ts file completely as you don’t need that (it’s a TypeScript file that I use the generate the js file).

Your extension installs and runs but there is a JavaScript error. The error is: ReferenceError: Can’t find variable: s (Config.js:10:8)

You can view the error output by option(⌥)-clicking the PopClip menu bar icon. And more detailed error info in Console enabled as here.

Thanks a lot @nick! Seems that the JavaScript version that Popclip executes is not the same that Chrome and Keyboard maestro runs because some syntax was evaluated as not valid.

Here is the final version of turning a text to bold serif: Bold serif.popclipext – Google Drive

It’s probably because PopClip uses the Strict Mode for all code. I don’t think I have ever mentioned that anywhere :thinking:

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Works for me!
CleanShot 2022-03-24 at 17.42.42

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p.s. I have now enabled .zip and .popclipextz file extensions for uploading to this forum (so you can just drag and drop instead of having to use a file hosting service).


I am attaching the latest versions of all the extensions I created :blush: Hope they are useful to someone else as well. Thanks for the support!

Bold italic (1.4 KB)
Bold italic (1.5 KB)
Bold (1.3 KB)
Bold (1.4 KB)
Italic (1.3 KB)

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