Additional Choices for Post Reactions

I’d like to be able to react to a post with options beyond heart (:heart:),

Reactions balance the advantage of participation vs the disadvantage of lengthy Topics; they help keep Topics on-topic, reduce their length, and improve the signal-to-noise ratio (in my humble opinion).

Apparently there is a Reaction Plugin to customize Reactions. Here’s a discussion thread of how it was used on TidBITS Talk:

Scroll down on this Topic to read participant reactions about what each emoji means to them — the problem with emojis is that they have multiple interpretations — and how to add a tool tip to each Reaction emoji:

In particular, I propose adding these Reactions to this PopClip forum:

  1. Agree (:+1:),
  2. Disagree (:-1:),
  3. Don’t understand (:question:), and
  4. Thank you (image of text like TidBITS uses).

Thank you for reading this suggestion.

(Wouldn’t it be nice to simply choose a Reaction to this Post instead of typing a Reply that says just “agree” or “disagree” ? :wink:)

UPDTATE April 14, 2024 4:33 PM

Here’s a screenshot of the TidBITS Talk Reactions, including an example of a Tool Tip:


An interesting suggestion to which I will give some thought, thank you.

I just read the extended disccussion in the linked TidBits thread about the selection and meaning of the various emoji reactions, and the range of opinions in that thread. I’m somewhat concerned about opening a similar can of worms!

For me, I simply use the heart to acknowledge a post and thank the poster for their contribution. I don’t ever find a need to express bare agreement or disagreement. If I had a disagreement I would express that in at least a full sentence and I would hope other posters here would do the same. And if I didn’t understand a post, I would post a clarifying question, rather than just a ‘?’. So, at the moment I’m leaning towards no change.

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Thank you for taking the time to look into this.

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