Airtable Extension suggestion + "instant translate" (?)

I don’t know if it’s possible, but I would love to have an extension to add data to Airtable.

Another thing: I have changed my computer and it seems that on my previous machine, my popclip had an extension that translated a word without opening a site or a tab, as soon as I clicked on the extension (I wonder if it was not called “instant translate” but I’m not sure!)
Thank you for your help, and for this wonderful application that I recommend every time I get the opportunity!

Thanks for the suggestion!

There was an extension called Instant Translate. I removed it from the listing because it became unreliable. It is still available here but I cannot say if it will work. Actually it seems to work at the moment.

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Hi and thank you Nick.
I think I remember that it had become a bit “unstable”.
It was very useful, because for me who reads a lot of English content (but being French and not fluent in English), I could translate an unknown word punctually without having to open a tab on Deepl, etc.

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