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Hi Nick,

Great Feature ! I’ll replace my own snippets with this system (and delete PopMaker ! :wink: )
But I have a question about the icon. Before we put them in the package but with feature ? if they are on my local hard disk, for example ?
Thank you in advance

Hi Ange, one of the limitations of snippets is that icons can only be specified using the text format or as SF symbols. You can’t refer to files on disk.

If you wanted to use your own icon file you would have to convert the snippet into a packaged extension.

The steps to do that:

  1. Create a new text file called Config.yaml and paste the contents of the snippet (you could do this in TextEdit in plain text mode or any plain text editor)
  2. Enclose the Config.yaml in a folder named like ExtensionName.popclipext

You can then add an icon file to the package and change the icon: field in Config.yaml to be the icon file name.

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Thank you for the explanation, but I probably do a mistake : it doesn’t run ! I obtain the following error :
Monosnap 2021-12-28 14-42-44

The content of the package named Allocine3.popclipext is:
Allocine3.popclipext 2021-12-28 14-44-13

And the content of the Config.yaml file is:

# popclip
name: Allocine3
icon: AllocineIcone.png

Where is my error ? Thank you in advance !

It looks fine from what you have posted. Can you email me ( a zip of the extension itself, I can take a proper look.

Ok, sent.
Thank you !

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This is an incredible well-crafted feature.

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Bonjour Ange,

est-ce que vous pourriez mettre à disposition votre snippet Allocine3 ?

Merci par avance. Luc

Pas de soucis, et l’icône aussi je suppose. Mais où/comment ? Bon j’essaye via ce forum (53.7 KB)

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Génial: ça fonctionne !
Merci Ange. C’est super.
Il n’y a pas besoin du fichier image; un double clic sur le Snippet a suffit pour avoir l’icône.
Encore Merci.
Thanks to Nick for creating Popclip and create also this topic.

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