Alternate search engine not working

Alternate search (SHIFT + magnifying glass icon) was working fine for DuckDuckGo. Suddenly it stopped working—now it just responds “Copied” when clicked, and adds the DuckDuckGo link to my clipboard.

Any idea what’s going on? It’s not unique to DuckDuckGo—same exact issue with Bing, etc.

Appreciate any help—thanks in advance!

Hi @WillS, welcome to the forum!

Aaahh, you’ve discovered a bug! Looks like I added this in 2022.12 … I made a small change to several of the built-in actions to work more like extensions do, such that “shift” would cause the action to copy its result to the clipboard with (also for example shift to copy the dictionary definition) … but I forgot that this would clash with the alternate search feature. :scream:

Now I’m not sure – revert to old behaviour of shift, or keep the new shift to copy and add alternate search to say the Alt key. :thinking:

In my opinion, you could just revert and we would be happy OR, you could add ALT or CMD or OPT versions of the same function.

Thanks for the reply!

I’m okay with either—I haven’t used the Shift key to copy with other extensions, but can imagine it’s potentially helpful…

So maybe using the Option and/or Control keys make more sense.

Whichever you decide— PopClip is the best!

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