Append Extension - Could this Work with Images?

The Append extension is very useful when working with text.

Is there any way it could work with a combination of images and text? The typical situation where I would find it helpful would be where I take a screenshot of an image and want to add a comment to it before I text it or send it elsewhere.

At the moment PopClip only can work with text content. Although now in theory the new JavaScript extensions can access more of the pasteboard data such as RTF so it might be possible to put this together.
I say might because I added the code to theoretically do it but I never actually tried using it yet… But even so I’m not sure images will work since they will be binary data.
I’m waffling a bit … in short no but it’s moving in that direction!

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Use the standard macOS screenshot option ⇧⌘5. This verision of macOS screenshot includes a menu where you can choose the destination for the screenshot. (Whatever you choose, will be retained for future screenshots until you change the option.) If, doing so, you chose Preview as the destination, the screenshot will open Preview, where you can annotate it, then choose the Share menu in Preview to send the annotated screenshot via Mail or other Share options.

Takes five times longer to describe how this works, above, than it takes to use the feature – built into every Mac.


It is an interesting approach -but is there an easy way with Preview to add several lines of text BELOW the existing screenshot? When I try to annotated I can over-write on top of the existing image but I am unclear how to extend it below.

@EdM - Thinking about this more, I think an a autoamated Append function could be done pretty easily with the current macOS Shortcuts… I will give that a try.

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