Append Selected Text to Most Recent Note (in Notes App)

# popclip
name: Append Text to Most Recent Note
Icon: symbol:applepencil
shortcut name: Append Selection to Most Recent Note

And the Shortcut itself.

V simple. I’m constantly highlighting, copying, switching into Notes, pasting, switching back to the prior app. This speeds it up. Highlight, 1 click, done.

This method maintains the spacing and line style of the selected text, which the default Append to Note Extension doesn’t (no shade intended!). Like that Extension, this one only sends Unicode, as far as I can tell.


That’s ingenious! I love how are you search for the most recent note, but only if it’s in the last hour.

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Any Shortcuts experts around? — Do you know how I can actually access the shortcut on a Mac?

When I clicked the link on iOS, I saw the shortcut code.

But when I click on a Mac, I see “Get Shortcut” but then I am booted to the iOS App Store webpage. I’m using Monterey 12.3.1.

That’s weird, and unexpected. Are you using Safari? I’ve found this does happen in Firefox or Chrome, but not Safari.

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Yeah it’s a chrome issue. I use to experience the same. This Developer mode chrome extension fixed it for me.

For anyone needing more step-by-step install instructions:

  1. Click the above link
  2. Click Code
  3. Download Zip
  4. Unpack the Zip so it turns into a folder
  5. Navigate to chrome://extensions/ in your browser
  6. If you haven’t previously (I had), enable Developer mode in Chrome by clocking the toggle in the top right corner of this Extensions tab. Then reload the page.
  7. Drag and drop the Unpacked folder from step 4 onto the Extensions page
  8. Install complete
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Ahh, yes I was using Chrome. I can open it fine in Safari. Thanks both for the help!

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I’ve also noticed that PopClip is showing the error “X” when triggering the extension, even though it works fine. Do you get that too @keith ? I think this must be a PopClip bug.

Yeah I do.

I’m quite new to PopClip. When I first saw the X I thought it might be indicating a successful running of the Extension haha. Found out otherwise when reading through the Documentation yesterday.

I’m confused. They current Notes extension does that. If I use it shortly after having used it, it offers the recent note to append to. Not sure what the time window is before the offer expires.

This does it with one click rather than two. (And the second click in the standard extension requires mouse movement[ or moving hands to the keyboard to hit cmd-enter(? Typing from my phone. Might just be enter.)].)