Appending to Drafts

Is there any way I can append to the last Drafts note rather than creating a new Draft every time? Similar to the functionality of Prepend/Append to clipboard, but to Drafts instead.

Hi @curtmac01, wlecome to the forum.

The Drafts extension uses Drafts’ own system services. Thise are “Capture to Drafts” and “Capture to Drafts with Options”. The latter corresponds to the Capture with Panel option in the extension.

I think the panel lets you pick a note to append to; however, I’m not sure as I don’t have Drafts pro to test it properly.

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Thanks @nick I got it to work. Albeit it takes a few extra steps to select the draft and then append or prepend it, but it works for what i am trying to do. I thought there might be a shift-click option to append to the last Draft. I took a screenshot of what it looks like in Drafts Pro for others who are interested.

I note that Drafts does have a URL scheme to append text to a draft but that it requires specifying the UUID of the draft.

However it also has URL scheme to get current draft UUID so could potentially be used to build an extension to append text to the draft that’s currently open in the editor. Sound like what you are after?

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Yep that’s exactly what I am looking for. Most of the time I use the normal PopClip feature to send to a new Draft, but it could be nice to have a shift-click (or alternative) option to Append to the current Draft.

OK, so, looking at it, I can see that the getCurrentDraft call requires PopClip to supply its own callback for the reply. It currently does not have a way to do that so we cant use this method :frowning:

Bummer. Thanks for looking into it!

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