Auto-complete from a list of keywords

In various apps (like DEVONthink, Pinboard, etc) I want use the same set of keywords or tag names. (I.e. tag names from a fixed keyword list I have predefined.) Of course these apps have in their keyword field auto-completion, but only auto-complete
for their own tags, not for the tags from the other apps.

So at the moment I have a text list with the keywords I have decided to use in a TextEdit window and select/copy/paste by hand the keywords from there. I was thinking a PopClip extension could make my life easier:

I envision an extension which keeps a list of tags in a plain text file that I prepare and the extension then would offer auto-completion or even auto-corrections for a highlighted tag/keyword snippet. - This would be somewhat like a spelling system with a small self-defined dictionary.

Is this idea feasible? - Many thanks for pointers!

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I would look into solutions like aText, Typinator, Text Expander for re-using predefined text snippets.

There’s a very good KM macro I found somewhere a while back that does a great job of keeping a central list of tags and autocompleting. Will try to find where I got it, but probably the KM forums.

Nope, in the also-excellent forum: Quick insertion of tags with type-ahead search (using Keyboard Maestro) — Zettelkasten Forum

It isn’t exactly the use-case you describe, but maybe could be adapted. PopClip would be great at tagging, but it may be more difficult to use it to store a consistent set of tags.


Mmmh, I have something like 250 tags - putting them into my TextExpander snippts seems a bit unwieldy…

I guess I need either a solution via a popup list or some sort of suggestion completing…

This sounds extremely promising, @tf2! I will report back how I go.

Thanks a lot!

I share this same need and this sounds like a genius idea! Please, share what you find – I’m extremely interested in following any potential solutions.

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