Auto-Copying Text When Deleted

I know this has been an issue in the past, but I didn’t find any clear “fixes,” so I’m hoping to get ideas here. When I highlight and then delete text, pop clip automatically copies the text to the top of my clipboard. This means that whatever I was hoping to paste in place of the highlighted/deleted text becomes… the same highlighted/deleted text. It happens multiple times a day that I will highlight, delete, and paste the exact same text due to this long running “bug.” How do I make it stop?

The problem you’ve describe is a known issue between PopClip and Microsoft Word. Despite my efforts, I haven’t been able to find a solution since the root of the problem lies within Microsoft Word itself.

Here’s what I suggest: add Word to PopClip’s Excluded Apps list. This will eliminate the problem.

If you still want to use PopClip’s features in Word, set a keyboard shortcut for PopClip in its settings (if you haven’t already), and manually activate PopClip when you need it in Word.

Thanks for the response and workarounds! It’s happening on other apps as well—outlook, even in browsers. Is that a different issue or the same one that occurs with Word?

I’ve never heard it heard of it happening outside of Microsoft office apps. Which browser is it happening in for you?