Better way of refresh extension while developing?

I’m making an extension and it seems to hang at the state when you started PopClip. I’ve the .popclipext open in vscode and I’m doing something with ChatGPT (maybe that causes the issue?), but I have to quit and reopen PopClip every time I make a change.

I though maybe setting the debug option on (defaults write com.pilotmoon.popclip-setapp EnableExtensionDebug -bool YES), but that seems to be only for debugging.

Is there a better way of reloading the extension while developing?

I usually double-click the .popclipext folder of the extension I’m editing, which re-loads it and replaces the existing one.

Mmh, that is not really a nice experience. Just needed to update my extension and doing it your way removes the options settings I’ve manually set in the extension.

Would be nice if it would just refresh it self or at least keep the setting it had when reinstalling.

This true. Funnily enough, I was just working on exactly this. The next version of PopClip won’t reset the settings when reinstalling unsigned extensions. (But still with some protections for signed extensions.)


This behaviour is now live in latest beta (4481).

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