Bugs with Extensions after upgrade to Non-Apple-Store version

  1. Several of the text modification extensions had NAMES and not icons until I downloaded them again and installed them again.
  2. The Search extension only works in Safari, not in MS Word, the Finder, or in PowerPoint. Same for the Google search extension.

Thanks for reporting this. For (1) , I’m not sure what’s happening there, but I’m glad it’s worked after reinstalling them.

(2), can you try my latest beta Build 4511, I think this should be fixed - please let me know if it is for you.

The Beta build 4511 fixed the search extension! Thanks.

Here are the text case modification extensions with names and not icons (until I downloaded and installed them again - they had a newer date but seemed to be the same versions). In the settings window they had no icon showing at all, and the same in the application pop-up window.


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Thanks for confirming that.

I recall now I did have to update those extensions to fix the way the icons were encoded in them. So anyone who installed quite a long time ago will have the same experience as you. The way forward, as you found, is just to reinstall those extension.