Can’t install Popclip

“PopClip” could not be installed. Please try again later. - Mac App Store message

I get this message when trying to install Popclip from the Mac store on a MacBook Pro on 12.0.1. I did a migration from an M1 MacBook Air, but kept getting messages that I should buy Popclip again. I think I’ve completely removed it from the Pro now (searching for relevant files using Patjh Finder), but now get this message on a new store installation of Popclip.

Any suggestions?


Hi @chrisduke, thanks for posting and welcome. That sounds really annoying. Trying to completely remove it and try again was a good approach.

Does this happen with any other MAS apps or is it just PopClip that’s doing this?

Might be worth running First Aid in Disk Utility.

Failing that I don’t even know where to start with diagnosing the app store’s install process (maybe is able help but…). The easiest thing all round is for you to email me on so I can send you a license key for the standalone version of PopClip from my website (it’s the same app).

(As an aside, I have noticed quite often when people do a migration of their old mac to a new one, weird annoying problems like this seem to happen. I don’t know if it’s file permissions getting messed up, or some kind of inconsistency in macOS settings, or what. I’d generally recommend starting a new mac with a nice clean install even if it means setting up everything again.)