"Cannot Install Extension"

I switched over to the “PopClip 2023.1 (4127) Setapp Edition” this week and now having issues installing extensions.

I receive the following error, as seen in the attached image:
“Cannot Install Extension
Failed copying package to extensions
(The file “Uppercase.popclipext” doesn’t exist.)
Extension: Uppercase.popclipext”

Hi, thanks for reporting it. Let’s see if we can figure out what is going wrong. Have you previously been running PopClip (non-Setapp) on the same machine?

Yes, I was. I uninstalled it, unless I missed some “sub-files” in the library folder.

Right. Yes, I was going to suggest making sure to quit and uninstall the non-Setapp popclip, but it sounds like you already have done. I’m not sure why this would be happening at the moment – it works OK for me currently. I’ll need to figure out a way to recreate this problem. Another user has the same issue, so it’s definitely something.

Can you let me know what version of macOS you are using?

Gotcha. I mean I could uninstall the Setapp version and then restart my device and then reinstall? The classic uninstall - reinstall process.

13.2 (22D49)

Haha, just uninstalled and reinstalled from Setapp and it works now!


Great! Glad to hear you are up and running now.