Changing system pointer colour breaks PopClip

I wasn’t expecting this one!

Changing the system pointer colour, which is a new Accessibility feature on macOS Monterey, causes PopClip not to appear when selecting text.

PopClip 2021.11, macOS 12.0.1

Steps to reproduce

  1. In macOS go to System Preferences, Accessibility, Display, Pointer
  2. Set pointer outline and/or pointer fill colour to something other than the default black and white
  3. Try to select some text in an app to trigger PopClip

Expected result
PopClip should appear.

Actual result
No PopClip!

After restarting PopClip, it will work again until you change the colour once more.
Simplest workaround is just to reset pointer colour back to default using the ‘Reset’ button.
Triggering using the applescript trigger is not affected.

Fixed in PopClip 2022.5.

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