ChatGPT extension does not seem to work for me

I installed the ChatGPT extension (I had to, of course… :wink:), got an API key and set it all up.

But when I, say in TextEdit, write

In Graphviz dot language, how can I put the edge label in a box?

Then select it and choose ChatGPT in Popclip, I get after less than a second just a brief closing X with nothing else and that’s it.

Any idea what’s going wrong?

PS: When I type the question in I get, as usual, a very confident (but not quite correct) answer back. :dizzy_face:

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Most likely, you need to add paid credit to your API account with OpenAI.

You require a billing source to use the API directly, plus you only get access to GPT 3.5, not 4. You will be billed for every time you use the GPT API. I regularly pay $5-$10 a month. You need to apply with a proposal for use of the 4.0 GPT services before they will grant you access and the waiting period can be months long.