Found this:

Read Me says to clone Repo, then double-clicking the project should install the extension. As a Github newbie I was able to clone the repo and I’m stopped as I can’t find the project to double-click.

Would you look at this extension and tell me how to get it to generate an extension?

When you clone the repo It should find itself in a .popclipext folder, due to the repo name.

Double click the folder it itself to install it in PopClip.

Hey Nick, thanks for responding!

If you can guide me a bit further, I don’t see a .popclipext folder either online, which looks like this:

Or in the Github desktop version that’s installed in the Documents folder that looks like this:

There’s nothing in the Projects folder.

Any other place to look?

Oh I didn’t quite lookt at it right before.

You need to rename the Bern-1 folder itself to “something.popclipext”, then double click that

So you could call it Bern-1.popclipext for example

Ahhh, perfect, :pray:

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