Chinese characters to Pinyin

Nice idea emailed from a customer:

I would like to know if there is a way to add an extension for pop clip:
Display pinyin on Chinese characters.

I’m learning Chinese and the problem is you can’t read Chinese, you know it or not.
So in order to know how to pronounce it you need to have pinyin.

Ok here is an exemple:


Will be written as such in pinyin:

shì jiè rén mín dà tuán jié

The main problem when trying to learn Chinese is that pinyin is only displayed in school books, but never in real life, so knowing how to pronounce a new word is hard. I already installed the Speech add on on Popclip, but sometimes the computer pronunciation is off, so having the pinyin can really help.

Chinese speakers use pinyin to input characters on a keyboard.

For exemple to write 嗨, I need to type « hai » and then choose the correct corresponding character:

So in pop clip when highlighting Chinese text, pinyin could be displayed, and if you click on it it could be copied in the clipboard.

Here is the wikipedia page about pinyin

Pinyin - Wikipedia

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Please try the PinYin extension in _extensions folder :wink:

Wow, very nice :star_struck: Great job!!

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another way to pronounce (Traditional) Chinese characters: