Comma in Calculate


For some years ago, you added the enhancement in the calculate extension to take in account the format used in the MacOS Pref.
I’ve just seen now that it is no more the case (probably since the re-writting…) : only the formulas written with dot (.) are seen as formulas !
Is it possible to have again calculate extension managing the comma (,) ? :wink:

Thank you in advance
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PopClip 9911, macOS 12.3


Hi – just to acknowledge your post, thank you. Yes this is possible now – I will work on this soon

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Great. Thank you to have added it to your todo list. I just retested : the module don’t recognize the , as a sign of a formula… so don’t display the result !

Hi, do you have an idea when you’ll have time to (re)correct it ? (national punctuation taken in account in calculate), for example , instead of . ?
Thanks in advance

Hello @Ange, finally I have updated it. See Calculate — PopClip Extensions for the latest version.

The decimal separator will be recognised as per System Preferences:

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Hi Nick,
I just got back home from your post. Many thanks, Calculate is back ! According to the chosen language & Region. Quickly tested but it runs !
Thanks again

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