DeepL Extensions Korean language Support

The Deepl translation software offers Korean language support, but in the plugin you have prepared, Korean is not among the options. Is it possible to add the Korean language option?

Thank you :slight_smile:

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Adding Korean translation is simple. Perhaps nick is busy right now and does not have time to add the Korean translation, so you can wait for him to add the option, or you can add it yourself. Right-click on DeepLTranslator.popclipext(~/Library/Application Support/PopClip/Extensions/) and select View Package Contents. Again, open langs.json with a text editor, and add the following script wherever you want.

“language”: “KO”,
“name”: “Korean”,
“supports_formality”: false

You can change it like this, but I think it’s better to wait until nick adds Korean option to the Extension.


It seems I forgot about this. I’ve just updated it with Korean and Norwegian which were the only missing ones.

I also added a shell script to fetch and generate the langs.json file automatically.

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