Diacritics (Diacritical Marks)

How about an extension that allows the addition of diacritical/accent marks to all vowels in a selection – acute, grave, circumflex, umlaut, etc? In essence, it would be character replacement – e.g., a lowercase e (U+0065) would be replaced by, say, an é (U+00E9).

Consonant markings could also be considered - e.g., n–>ñ, c–>ç, etc.


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Thanks @Skeuo112 and welcome! Sounds a good suggestion.

Maybe a good suggestion. But all these are available when using the International English Keyboard…

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True, but many of the extensions replicate common functions so this does not preclude an extension. For example the formatting extension — for bold italic underline — is one of the most popular downloaded extensions.

In French, German and Dutch I use a total of 4 different accents on a total of 5 different vowels. In Russian I sometimes (for pedagogical-didactical reasons) emphasize 8 different vowels, and all of these both as lower and upper case characters. I can’t imagine how such a large number of accents in combination with all those vowels could be realized via PopClip. I also use 58 IPA characters (via Typinator). PopClip is a fantastic app that I wouldn’t want to miss for anything, but some things can be done more efficiently and faster via a shortcut than via a menu selection and the mouse or trackpad. Especially in a multilingual academic environment. I can’t remember when I bought PopClip but I’ve been using it for many years.

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Most of us wouldn’t need that many. As with many things in PopClip, you may have to make choices. A dropdown menu with 3-5 options would suffice for most folks. As I use Spanish and French diacritics most often, I’d probably just need acute/grave accents, an umlaut, and ñ.

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Exactly, the best thing with PopClip is that you can set it up just how you want. Everybody has a different workflow.