Do you suck at spelling that even spell check doesn't know what you want? (eg are you dyslectic)

A dyslexic walks into a bra.

I myself am dyslexic and are constantly making spelling mistakes and sometimes the spell checker doesn’t even know what to do with a word. This results in me trying to spell it phonetically, which obesliy* is not correct…

*case in point, running the following word though the tool gets you: obviously obsolete obesely. The first word in the list was the one I was looking for.

The tool runs the selected word to ChatGPT with the following prompt:

Spell check: “${input.text}”. What is phonetically the most likely spellings? Only include words in the dictionary. Please give me three options, only include the answer in the response on one line with spaces in between, no punctuation.

This all is based on the extension by @nick

So the install progress is the same as that extension. Thus you’ll need an active openAI account with an active creditcard, I personally never exceeded the free tier, but I don’t know how bad at spelling you are :rofl:

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