Editing extension snippets

Extension snippets are completely transforming the way I use popclip. Thank you for this excellent addition to the app.

I wonder if there’s a way to edit the snippets I have added to popclip. Or do I have to save them separately.

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I think if you simply edit the text, keep the same value for name, and re-add (highlight the snippet text and choose the name of the snippet from Popclip), the revised version will replace the old one.

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Sure, and that works perfectly.
I was looking for a way to retrieve what I’ve added to popclip and make changes

Oh, I see. I’m not sure Aa I keep a text file for each of the ones I create, with versions.

If it isn’t already, it would be cool if the original snippet were saved as a text file somewhere in the Popclip bundle (or whatever it becomes).

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You can go to the Applications Support folder

Then the Extensions subfolder

Find the extension of interest

RIght-Click and choose Show Package Contents

Then open the yaml file with your text editor of choice


Is that true for extensions that were created from snippets? I see the extensions I manually installed in the Extensions folder but not the ones I created from snippets.

NIck can tell us for sure but for me they are all there - except the ones from snippets start with “autoname”


You’re right: my snippet extensions are there, prepended with “autoname.” Thanks.

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Thanks everyone for the answers which are all correct :+1:Yes the snippets get transformed internally into regular extensions, with an automatically generated package name.

Some kind of “copy as snippet” button in the extensions list would be good though, I think.


And/or export! That would be really lovely

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