Eudic extension does not work

PopClip 2022.12 (Latest)
Apple M1, macOS Ventura 13.1 (22C65) (Latest)
EuDic 4.2.7 (Latest)

Click on the Eudic icon, Eudic window pops up, but it won’t search the word automatically.

@nick Hi I have a issue here with Eudic dictionary extension. When I click on the Eudic icon on PopClip, the Eudic window pops up, but it won’t search the word automatically.
It happened recent days. I updated both my Mac OS and Eudic software recently. Not sure the issue was caused by either of the update.

I highly rely on this workflow, and I would really appreciate it if you can look into it.

Many thanks,

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Hello @Lyla, welcome to the forum. I have tested on my machine, both Eudic and Eudic Lite versions 4.2.7, on macOS 13.0.1, and PopClip 2022.12. In my configuration, the extension is working well and I cannot reproduce any fault.

Here is a video:
CleanShot 2022-12-19 at 09.17.21

To fault-find, you could try running the following in Script Editor (this is the same script the PopClip extension uses internally):

-- note: change to com.eusoft.freeeudic for Eudic Lite
tell application id "com.eusoft.eudic" 
	show dic with word "TEST"
end tell

Does this search for TEST in your Eudic?

@nick Thanks for your quick response. Actually, I got this problem fixed though I don’t know how. When my mbp froze, I force restarted it and the extension started working again. It’s weird cause I did try to restart my mbp to try to fix this problem before and it didn’t work. Anyway, many thanks for your work on this. Have a good day/evening!

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