Evernote extension — it's back!

When Evernote 10 came out a couple of years ago, it broke the old PopClip extension because it no longer was scriptable by AppleScript.

But now we have a new Evernote extension: Evernote — PopClip Extensions

You’ll need to be updated to the latest PopClip 2022.5 which came out a couple of days ago.


Send the selected text to Evernote.

Download: Evernote.popclipextz


The extension has a single action that takes text as input and sends it to Evernote as a new note in your default notebook. Captures current web page title and URL, if available.


This is an extension for PopClip.


Nick Moore


Icon from svgrepo (CC0).


Requires PopClip 2022.5



5 May 2022

  • Rewritten to send the to the Evernote servers directly using the Evernote API.

30 Jun 2014

  • Updated to support HTML content.

8 Nov 2012

  • Initial release using AppleScript.

@nick This does not seem to be working anymore. I was able to connect it with Evernote but nothing is being saved in my default notebook.

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Same thing here - I am on Popclip 2022.5, I authenticated with Evernote on Web, local Evernote app also installed - but nothing happens thereafter.

Great idea if it can work though.

Thanks for reporting @grppph and @rkaplan

When you try to save a clip, does PopClip do the spinner and show the checkmark like usual? Or an X?

Actually scratch that, yes I’m seeing the same thing. Am investigating…

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Any update on this?

Updates? Still not working here…

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OK, sorry for the long delay. Updated and should be working now — redownload from Evernote — PopClip Extensions