Extension display with multiple rows or with an extension group dropdown menu

Would it be possible to have when selecting text to have the popclip menu display the extensions in multiple rows or with a grouping of extensions that display in a drop down menu when hovering?

Cut | Copy | Paste | Format | Etc | Etc | Copy To | Etc
                     Lowercase            BBedit
                     Uppercase            Pages
                     Sentence Case        Text Edit
                     Word Caps            TextSoap
                     Camel Case           Word

It is clear to me that PopClip needs a way of managing larger numbers of extensions. I think that grouping of some kind may well be a part of that.


Exactly my use case as well. Hoping to get this feature soon!!

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Thanks for your consideration. It would help increase the productivity gains that popclip that has made PopClip famous and loved!

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Iā€™d love this!

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