Extension : Estimated reading time?

Extension to give estimated reading time for highlighted text?

Great idea, it would be nice to have a pop up with “slow reading”, “normal reading” and “fast reading”.

Is there a standard algorithm for performing the calculation?

From ChatGPT 4

Is there a standard algorithm for computing reading time based on the length of text? If so, please describe it.


Yes, there are several algorithms commonly used to estimate reading time based on the length of the text. One popular algorithm is based on the average reading speed of an individual.

Here’s a simple approach to estimate reading time:

  1. Determine the average reading speed in words per minute (WPM). The average adult reading speed is often considered to be around 200 to 250 words per minute, but this can vary depending on the individual and the difficulty of the text.
  2. Count the number of words in the given text. You can consider a word as any contiguous sequence of characters separated by whitespace (spaces, tabs, line breaks).
  3. Divide the total word count by the average reading speed to get the estimated reading time in minutes.

For example, let’s say the text has 500 words and the average reading speed is 200 words per minute:

Reading Time = Total Word Count / Average Reading Speed = 500 words / 200 WPM = 2.5 minutes