Extension for Bypass Paywall

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Could be possible anything for bypassing paywalls?

Thank you.

I think this would be impractical, as there are many different implementations of paywalls. I have several circumvention techniques but some sites are uncrackable, at least to me.

A trick I recently discovered, which does not seem to be what you might consider illegal, is to open the site in Safari and then hit the button for Reader view as soon as it appears. Or command-p to print, and then open in Preview. This works a surprising amount of the time, but you have to get the timing right. (Note that I’m not suggesting this as a PopClip extension.)


One trick with some paywalls (if they allow only a limited number of viewings of articles) is to open the URL in incognito mode.

Popclip could likely automate that.


Or open it in a different web browser. I hadn’t thought of that, good suggestion.

There’s a user-contributed 12ft.io extension for PopClip: https://github.com/pilotmoon/PopClip-Extensions/raw/master/extensions/12ftLadder.popclipextz


Good to know! Except 12 Foot Ladder almost never works for me. Maybe I’m trying to climb over the wrong walls :wink:

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Know it’s a bit late but have you tried userscripts? I use this one called Medium to Scribe in Tampermonkey.

It runs automatically when I open any articles on Medium and redirects me to an alternative site called Scribe whose version of the article has no ads/paywall. And since Scribe doesn’t have a paywall to begin with, there’s no need to worry about having to repeat the process later on