Extension for following accounts on Mastodon

I’ve made an experimental PopClip extension for Mastodon, giving 1-click follow for accounts on any instance, avoiding all that copying and pasting.

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Download: Mastodon.popclipextz

Source for the curious

Mastodon Follow


This PopClip extension defines a single action. The action appears only if the input text looks liuke an ActivityPub
account, such as @feditips@mstdn.social (with or without the preceding @).
The action will attempt to follow the account on the configured Mastodon instance.


Initially the extension config asks you to proivide the URL of your Mastodon
instance. You should paste the full server URL of your instance, for example:

Then click Sign In, authorize the extension in Mastodon, and you should be
good to go.


Nick Moore


Icon by Simple Icons (CCO) via Iconify.

Change Log


  • Initial release.
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This is brilliant

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