Extension for TextSniper would be great

I use TextSniper a lot and a popclip extension for it would be most welcome. (TextSniper converts a selection to text–i.e. it does OCR) Very nice.

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Hi @DDA and welcome. How would you envisage this working, since of course PopClip only appears for text selections anyway. I may be missing something.

Suppose I select a portion of, say, a NYTimes complete with little images, text, links, etc. Up pops popclip and, if one of the options is TextSniper I can choose it and find, in the clipboard, just the text from my selection even if some of that “text” was a graphic and not really text.

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Hi @nick

In that regard - would it be possible for PopClip to be triggered not only by selected text but also triggered when an image is selected or an image is copied to the clipboard? That would allow extensions not only for TextSNniper but also for image resizing apps and photo editing apps.

Hi @DDA, try this TextSniper function (red arrow):

You could put the shortcut in a PopClip extension. I have extended TextSniper to my wishes. Of course, in PopClip style. But I use a Keyboard Maestro Palette for this. See these tweets for examples:

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Not impossible but that is definitely expanding the scope and concept of the app rather. I’ll not say never but neither will I say :soon:!