Extention Languagetool


I take advantage of my first position to thank you for this application that serves me all day, every day, every month, every year since I met her it helps me and it’s nice!

Seeing this new forum and the possibility of giving ideas, here is one.

Simply integrated and the languagetools application which is a good correction application.

Thank you.

Hi, welcome and thanks for the suggestion! Is it this app: https://languagetool.org/ ?

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Oh ! Yes, sorry for the lack of precision.

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Do you think it’s possible?
Knowing that there is a keyboard shortcut, I guess there is a way to do it with Popclip easily?

It would be really useful for me!

Thank you.

If there’s a keyboard shortcut you might be able to make a snippet, perhaps very similar to this:

How to make a Key Press extension in PopClip — TextExpander example

Ok, tx, I just tried it and it works.
I don’t know if it’s optimal but it works fine.

Thanks a lot.

# popclip
name: LanguageTool
icon: circle filled LT
before: copy  
key combo: option shift command l
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Looks good to me! :sunglasses::clap:t2:

Hi @hercut, I have extended the integration of the LanguageTool app in PopClip a little bit.

With the help of Keyboard Maestro and the free translation app DeppL, I created an automation for myself, with which I can insert the spell checker in my native language house@2x and also with subsequent translation :us:.

Look here :point_down:


@alexxander this is interesting, thank you.
I don’t use Keyboard Maestro and don’t have enough translation to do for the usefulness of your arrangement.
But I’ll think about it if needed, thanks!

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