"Failed copying package to extension directory"

I have another question.

I installed PopClip by App Store, and I install it again by SetApp for test, then I have two PopClip app.

I deleted the SetApp one, and now my extensions have gone and can not install new extension again.

btw, my extension’s extName is popclipextz

This is all quite new so I['m not sure exactly. But I recommend:

  1. Quit any PopClip that is running
  2. Delete all copies fo PopClip (from /Applications and from /Applications/Setapp and any other copies you may have (e.g. in Downloads folder)
  3. Finally reinstall just one copy of PopClip (either Mac App Store or Setapp)

See if that helps and let me know. If not we can then dig in further.

Cleaned up a bit and problem solved.

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