Feature request: Profiles / scenarios / workspaces / context

I love PopClip and have been using it for several years now. Recently, I discovered the possibility of creating my own PopClip Extensions, which has been incredibly beneficial. However, I have noticed that the usability decreases when there are too many active PopClip Extensions. In order to optimize this, the necessary Extensions should be prioritized.

Specifically, I use different PopClip Extensions in various work situations. Consequently, I find myself frequently adjusting the order of the Extensions in the PopClip Extensions action panel based on my current work requirements. Unfortunately, this process can be quite cumbersome.

Therefore, I would like to request a feature that allows for the creation of different profiles, scenarios, workspaces, or contexts - whichever term feels most fitting. This would enable me to easily switch between different sets of PopClip Extensions depending on the specific tasks I am performing. For example, when Iā€™m working with Scrivener, I would like one set of Extensions to be upfront. Similarly, when using DEVONthink or conducting research in Safari, I would prefer different sets of Extensions to be easily accessible.

I appreciate the work you have done and I hope you will consider implementing this feature. Best regards, Per