Forum tidying-up

Now we are nearly 6 months into the forum’s existence and it’s ticking along nicely. I’ve just done a bit of housekeeping:

  • Renamed the “Extensions Ideas” category to “Extensions Help & Questions”. This is more in line with how it is being used in practice, as a place for asking or suggesting anything to do with extensions.

  • Closed the “Extensions Development” category, which wasn’t getting much use. I moved the existing posts into “Extension Help & Questions” or “News & Updates” accordingly.

  • Renamed “Announcements” to “News & Updates” to make it sound less formal :slight_smile:

  • Turned off the ability to add tags to posts. I found they weren’t being used consistently (including by me) and if anything they just seemed to add noise.

Please do let me know if you think there are any other changes that would make the forum better.