Generator QR code is very needed Thank

Generator QR code is very needed

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If you are running macOS Monterey. You can us a shortcut and call it with an extension snippet.

The shortcut is a simple one like this → Shortcuts

and your snippet would look like this

# popclip Generate QR Code
name:  QR
requirements: [url]
icon: square q 
shortcut name: QR Code

A video showing this working is here :point_left: QR code Below points to

A Note - for some reason the action says it fails but it totally worked!


This is awesome Jay thanks I’ll see if I can figure out why it is failing.

Sorry for the Dumb Question, can you tell me a couple of use cases. It seems to be very useful, but I can’t think of where I can use this

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@dhanya One use is transferring URLs or other information to other devices. Say you have a web URL you want to open on a phone, you can display the QR code for it and scan in on the phone.