Google Voice Text

Is it possible to create an extension/snippet that, when highlighting a phone number, would switch over to/open the Google Voice website and create a new text addressed to that number?

Is there a standard URL format for opening Google Voice with a number? Because Google Voice is US only I can’t sign up to test it.

It appears there is for existing text threads but it doesnt work to open a new thread.
Voice[phone number]

If I go to GV site, click "send new message’ I get an address like:
But if I copy-paste that into a new tab, it opens the texting site but not with the “send new message” field open. If I click that it directs to a new URL like:
Then again if I click the “send new message” button again:

It looks like it’s using some kind of internal identifier in the URL, and not accepting a phone number there.

Are there any Chrome extensions that perform the required task? If so we could look at the source code for inspiration.

I have found two versions of a bulk texter extension. They both require me to be on an active GV tab when using them.

The ones I find in chrome store seems to have the option for calling numbers, which there is a URL for I found. I dont see any that mention texting when going a quick look.