Help with Array in New Style Snippets

Tryin new style snippets
This applescript works, but snippet on selection errors out → “required apps require array”
plz help :slight_smile:

# #popclip
# name: toMail
# icon: iconify:ion:fish
# required apps: md.obsidian,
# language: applescript
tell application "System Events" to activate application "Obsidian"
tell application "Typinator"
	if exists rule set "One's Mail" then
		if enabled of rule set "One's Mail" then expand string "eww"
		-- pause expansions
	end if
end tell

Great to see you trying out the new format. You just need square brackets around the array elements:

# required apps: [md.obsidian,]

The format of snippets is something called YAML. Here’s a useful one-page guide to YAML format: YAML Cheat Sheet & Quick Reference