How can a specific action only take effect on a designated website?

Certain actions are intended to be used only on specific websites. For example, I would like to select text within Notion and then click on a PopClip action, which would either highlight the selected text or perform another action I have defined.

Having this PopClip action appear on all websites would be inefficient in terms of space.


I understand how to make an action only work within a specific application (Show specific extension only on specific apps - #6 by nick).

However, I haven’t found a method to specify a URL in the list of actions (GitHub - pilotmoon/PopClip-Extensions: Documentation and source code for PopClip extensions.).

Hi @live, it’s not currently possible but this is high on my wishlist of requested features.


hi @nick , I’m eager to know how the progress is going and hope it can be realized as soon as possible.
BTT has already supported this feature, which you can refer to.

I’m encouraged by your enthusiasm.

I’ve been working on other areas (mainly back end to support imprved extension directory), and TBH in the last few weeks, not much is happening in the PopClip factory. It’s resting for winter, lets say.

oh, I hope PopClip can wake up from hibernation soon ::!
The main issue I’m facing now is that there are too many PopClip extensions, leading to low efficiency in usage: I need to spend time searching among many extensions to find the one I currently need.

For this, three functions are needed:

  1. Default to hiding infrequently used extensions.
  2. Display extensions only in specified programs [this can already be achieved].
  3. Display extensions only on specified web pages.

Regarding point 1, I have also posted on the forum:

Currently, I am indirectly achieving this using external applications. So, it’s not an urgent need for me. But still, I hope PopClip can support it.

Regarding point 3, there is currently no way to achieve this, so it is the most urgently needed feature.

The benefit of doing this: Extensions only display when needed, greatly improving operational efficiency (although it might be a bit troublesome to configure, but it’s a one-time operation, so it’s not a big problem).