How to build nested/drill-down options?

Hi friends, trying my hand with snippets and want to build a snippet that shows one option in the popup menu, and when clicked, shows nested options.

In the below case, when I select a text (title AZ), it should show up two more options (AZS and AZO; and every other option in the pop disappears). I want to do it this way so I can group my snippets into categories.

# popclip
name: AZ
icon: AZ
 - title: AZS
   icon: AZS
 - title: AZO
   icon: AZO

PS: I remember I saw a snippet/extension that showed nested/drilldown options but can’t seem to find out which one it was. Oare maybe my mind is hallucinating right now lol

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There’s not yet any way to do nested/drill-down/submenu stuff in PopClip. But I want to add this soon.