How to create our own extension for "in app search" for the selected text

Hey guys , so I’ve seen ways of creating extensions to search certain websites. But how do we go about creating an extension to search inside a mac app like “Scherlokk” " or basically any app that has file searching capabilities ( there are ones already for houdahspot , tembo etc.) – but how do we go about it step by step

to edit the source code of those popclip extensions , or how to go about creating our own. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi, there is no one way to do this because it all depends on how the app itself works. For example, the FindAnyFile extension works because FAF implements a URL scheme which other apps can open, to its search function. Other apps may have a Service for this. And still others may have an AppleScript interface. Some apps have none of these, but can be “UI scripted” useing AppleScript – the Music extension is an example of this.

So there is no one fits all answer, rather each case it requires some time and effort to investigate the app and develop an appropriate custom solution for that app. The source files of the existing extensions provides a wealth of examples.

Perhaps at some point I could do a video or some sort of guide to how to approach this.