How to get specific Modual access from Antidote

I am using the current Antidote extension, but I find myself need to have direct access to the dictionaries, more specifically the Thesaurus/Synonyms function.

As I’m not a programmer, I thought I’d ask, what is the best way to call this specific modual? I have unzipped the Antidote extension and looked att he logic, but PLISTs are way beyond my pay gread.

Welcome to the forum, @jpottsx1. The Antidote extension (source) is straightforward. It calls the “Antidote - Correcteur” system service. As such, there isn’t much scope for customization or refinement. However, if Antodote provides other system services, it could invoke those. I don’t have it. installed on my machine to check.

I’ve updated the extension to use JSON, which is simpler to work with than a plist.