How to hide PopClip popup with AppleScript


I would like to be able to hide the popup from PopClip via AppleScript. Is this possible? I have seen that you can turn off, but I don’t want to do that, just dismiss that popup.

Thanks a lot!

Hello – there isn’t an AppleScript command for dismissing it I’m afraid. It only disappears when keyboard input is detected, the mouse is moved away or scroll input is detected.


Is this something that can be added in a next release?

I have some Keyboard maestro macros that I use on text when selecting, and some others on PopClip. So, when opening a palette in Keyboard maestro I am thinking of hiding PopClip, as it gets in the way.

Can this be added, please? :pray:


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No idea how your Keyboard Maestro macro looks like, however it should be possible to make PopClip disappear by programmatically pressing the escape key, I think.

In Keyboard Maestro you could either use a Type a Keystroke or Execute an AppleScript action

tell application "System Events"
	key code 53 -- Escape
end tell

Thanks @Pete! Didn’t thought of that! :+1:

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Nice idea @Pete!

@David_Chavez , will certainly consider it, I’ve added this to my ideas/wishlist.

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Just pressing Escape works for me. I see someone suggested how to program that in specific situations.