How to I automatically update the latest version

I looked through the setting/preference very carefully but could not find a way to automatically get the latest version of popclip.

Can someone advise how this can be done


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Hi @Fuzzygel. If you are running PopClip installed from the Mac App Store, the updates are installed by the app store. There are no update settings in PopClip itself.

To get the latest updates go to the Updates tab in Mac App Store. You can also go to the Mac App Store preferences to configure whether you want automatic updates or not.

The latest available version of PopClip on Mac App Store is v2021.11.

thanks Nick,

from memory, but not 100% sure, I activated Popclip from the file downloaded from (is there anyway to tell ?)

I have 2021.11 but tried to use some extension that can only run on 2021.12. Is that on a beta channel ?

Latest version on Mac App Store is v2021.11 (1003785)
Latest version on the website is v2021.11.1 (3788)

MAS build number (the number in in brackets) is always 1 million higher than website version - that’s how to tell which you have.

The two versions are functionally identical. There was a small bug in website version I had to fix hence the .1.

There is also a beta version available from PopClip Downloads - currently Build 3805

There is no v2021.12.

What version of PopClip is it that you have?
What extension is it you are trying to get to work?
The more specific you can be with what you are trying to achieve, the better I can help you.

it is showing that I am on 2021.11(1003785), I must be running the MAS version then

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I could be wrong about v2021.12 , I thought I read about this from one of the extension requirement. I’ll come back if I can find it again. Initially one of the extensions did not work . However, after my M1 crashed overnight (another story), I rebooted my Mac , then all extensions are working now

sorry about any confusion caused

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No worries at all. I’m here if you need. If you do see 2021.12, it would have been a typo so let me know :slight_smile: Maybe it said 2020.12 which does exist.